Your First Visit

spineYour first visit at McDonald Chiropractic is very important to us. We will listen to all of your health concerns and take a complete case history, review any MRI/CT scans and perform a thorough examination including x-rays (if necessary) in order to determine the cause and severity of your problem. We understand that your time is valuable to you so we strive to treat you on your very first visit with us. Following your consultation and examination the doctor will decide if he will accept your case. If the doctor accepts your case he will go over a recommended action plan, go over your x-rays with you and discuss your treatment options. Any financial responsibility will be discussed with you by our office staff prior to any examination or treatment. We have several payment options to ensure that money is not a deciding factor in the decision to receive the care you need. A different kind of clinic, a different kind of care. Please call today for an appointment or a consultation.

We Care About Your Health


At McDonald Chiropractic we are interested in completely understanding all of your health care concerns. We ask you questions to obtain a better understanding of your individual complaints such as:

  • consultHow did it start?
  • When did it start?
  • What increases discomfort?
  • What decreases discomfort?
  • Does the pain radiate?
  • Is it better in the morning or evening?


neckpainWe will complete a thorough examination including orthopedic tests, neurological tests, and range-of-motion tests to determine the severity and the exact location of your problem. The results of these tests will help us to determine the best course of action regarding your care and will serve as a reference point for further re-examinations and testing. As you progress through your care here at  McDonald Chiropractic, we will perform re-examinations at set points to monitor the results of our treatments. By consistently observing your progress we are able to verify that the treatments being administered are effective and successful. X-rays will be taken in order for us to rule out the most severe causes of your pain and to allow us to see the structure and alignment of your vertebral column. There are two things we are concerned about at  McDonald Chiropractic: Your Health and Our Reputation . . . and we are not willing to sacrifice either one.