I first saw Dr. McDonald 2 yrs ago when Fibromyalgia had left me almost unable to walk due to the severe pain in my feet and legs. I couldn’t even tolerate shoes or the sheets touching my toes, top of my feet or my heels. Dr. Mac figured out that I was severely allergic to sugar and proceeded to change my diet and thereby my whole life. After just a few days I was feeling better. Within 4 months I was back to walking several miles a day and playing golf again.

Now 2 yrs later I am living a normal life again. The Fibromyalgia is not gone but is manageable now with healthy eating. The surprise benefits of my treatment are that I am no longer on any prescription meds, lost 14 pounds and 14 ½ inches, my blood pressure is lower than ever, as is my cholesterol.

My family is so happy I found Dr. McDonald. In fact, one of my daughters was so impressed with my results, she has adopted my healthy eating lifestyle and has lost 40 pounds. Everyone I have referred to Dr. McDonald has been thrilled with their results.

Thank you, Dr. McDonald!!!

Sara D.


“I am 83 years old and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis ten years ago. Surgery was suggested. After physical therapy treatments that were not working I started decompression. Before I started decompression I could not walk or stand without pain. Even walking for a few minutes was very painful. I can now tell you now that I can stand and walk WITHOUT PAIN…and have had wonderful relief since completing my treatments.”

George Ciampa
La Quinta
WWII Documentary Filmmaker


“I had a bulging disc and was unable to walk more than 200 feet and play golf without severe pain. I had tried chiropractic and physical therapy with no relief. After going through decompression therapy with Dr. McDonald I am now pain free and walking as much as I want, plus I’m playing golf 3 times per week. The office was friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend it.”

Mel Watchorn
General Contractor


“When I came to the Spinal Decompression Center I could barely walk, my pain level was 7/10 to a 9/10. I was taking up to 8 extra strength Tylenol per day. After 10 treatments I could feel relief and knew it was helping. After 20 treatments, the difference was unbelievable. I really don’t have any pain and am able to perform household tasks again. Everyone that works in the office is very pleasant and professional. The quality of care is excellent. Don’t waste any valuable time, go today.”

Mrs. Helen Kemp
Cathedral City


I had only ever been to one Chiropractor so when he retired I went a year without an adjustment after biweekly adjustments. With neck and back issues from prior accidents and a desk job I was finally in so much pain I could hardly move my neck. Dr McDonald came highly recommended from a trusted friend and I have been going several months now. Dr McDonald is very compassionate and has a great adjustment technique and his whole staff are wonderful as well. I am feeling so much better.  I highly recommend him especially if you are afraid because he has a way of calming patients down.

Tina Marie Santos